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GlasseX is a distributor out of Asheville, NC with their own team of talented southern glassblowers. They produce high end American-made glass functional pieces, from spoons, to water pipes, to dab rigs, and more. Quality and consistency is what they strive for, and they have succeeded.

GlassEx Twisted Chillum Fumed Spoon

$ 21.00


7 Color Options

Piratt Alien Head Concentrate Rig

$ 870.00

Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

GlasseX Peppermint Spoon

$ 22.00


4 Color Options

GlasseX Metallic Swirl Water Pipe

$ 299.00


2 Color Options

Layne Green Dust Recycler

$ 600.00

Unique One of a Kind PieceHeady Glass

GlasseX Colored Glass Stryder Spoon

$ 26.00


2 Color Options

GlasseX Laser Pistol Rig

From $ 150.00

2 Color Options

Glassex "Fishy" Glass Spoon Pipes

$ 60.00

3 Color Options

Punisher Silver Fume Blown Skull Spoon Pipe

$ 42.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 52.00

Sold Out


GlasseX Green Dragon Water Pipe with Dichroic Accents and Opal Stone

$ 1,150.00

Regular priceOn Sale $ 1,200.00

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