Girly Bongs

Pretty pipes & girly bongs in all genders, for all genders.

Here at Smoke Cartel, we understand that though bongs may be binary, people aren't. That said, there's no way to describe the collection of bongs and water pipes below as other than "girly."

Delicate designs, floral patterns, pastel hues, cute animals and other factors give these pieces and undeniable feminine feel, perfect for those who love a little flair with their smoke. 

Of course, "girly" holds a richer meaning than it used to in more traditional times. These girly bongs are also as durable, strong and functional as their more masculine counterparts. 

Featuring several selections from Smoke Cartel's own brand The China Glass, this collection of feminine bongs are as efficient as they are elegant. Our artisan partners in the Hebei Province explode perceptions about "Chinese-made glass" with high-quality materials, beautiful design and smooth draws. 

We've also got several different sizes of girl bongs, from mini rigs you can stash in your purse (or man bag, for that matter) to larger pieces that can double as lovely flower vase. Some water pipes with extra glass details are more difficult to clean, but it  worth it for these truly remarkable designs. Bongs with percolators are great for producing smooth hits, though some percolators are easier to clear than others.

It takes powerful lungs to handle some of the bigger girly bongs on this list, so let us know if you're up for the challenge.

So go ahead, smoke like a girl, if you can keep up!



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