Dry Herb Storage - Page 2

Is there anything worse than a wet stash?

Keeping herbs high and dry in appropriate storage containers is essential. There’s no bigger buzzkill than discovering your smokeables are soggy!

Our selection of waterproof storage containers and stash jars feature airtight seals that keep out water and humidity as well as maintain the optimum environment to maintain the fine aromas and textures of your herbs. Some are even more functional, and our own Kraken Pollen Press even grinds 'em up and compacts into a disc for easy transport! They’re also smell-proof, another important feature to keep you incognito.

Speaking of smell-proof, we also offer Smoke Cartel brand baggies for storage as well as super-cool duffels for all your traveling needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do smell proof bags work?

Smell proof bags function basically by creating an air-tight seal which encapsulates its contents and prevents any air or odors from escaping the container. This makes it a great item for discretionary purposes. The only downside is that some airtight containers can cause mildew to form when storing dry herb for extended periods of time, so be mindful when selecting one and only use them when absolutely necessary.



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