Dragon Bongs

Are you the Mother of Dragons? A brave knight? Here are the perfect bongs and pipes for dragon lovers and dragon slayers.

Whether you are celebrating Chinese New Year, have an affinity for medieval culture, or enjoy Game of Thrones, we've got a piece for you. Our dragon-themed pipes and dragon bongs will satisfy your fiery cravings while supplying that “wow” factor amongst your friends.

Don’t go another day without upgrading your pipe to incorporate your favorite scaly beast. Dragons have long been a part of folklore and legend, and inspire a myriad of feelings, from dread all the way to arousal. Dragons can be something to conquer for some, while they can be seen as an avatar for others. Some of you might even like one as a pet, and all we can say about that is we hope your bed is fireproof.

Whatever your affinity, the symbol of a dragon on your pipe is a worthy one, indeed. Not only do dragons carry hidden meaning for the user smoking from the design, but they are also the perfect mascot for “lighting up” your favorite herb with their infamous fireballs. 

Whether you are looking to add a dragon to your smoking line-up or fire up an all-out theme, you can find a perfect piece for your needs below in our dragon collection. From a dragon-wrapped hand pipe to a fire-blowing bowl, you will find just the right majestic fire-breathing reptile to keep you lit! (Nah bro, our dragon pieces won’t actually help you light up your bowl, but check out our torch selection to power up the party.)

If dragons are an inspiration to you, snag a dragon piece for your next sesh!



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