Dr Dabber - Vape Pens and Glass Precooler Attachments Dr Dabber - Vape Pens and Glass Precooler Attachments

Dr Dabber

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Dr. Dabber is a fun new brand of vaporizer pens. As with any vape pen, Dr. Dabber pens are designed for durability and discretion. Not only do these vape pens allow you to take your stash on the go, they also minimize the health risks associated with smoke. Dr. Dabber also manufactures incredible precooler attachments that allow you to get water pipe-level hits right out of your vape pen. An easy hit on-the-go has never been easier with this prescription. Thanks, Dr. Dabber!

Dr Dabber Straight Precooler Attachment

$ 75.00

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Dr Dabber Ghost Light Vaporizer Pen for Concentrates

$ 44.00

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Dr Dabber Honey Mat

From $ 10.00

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Dr Dabber Large Precooler Recycler Attachment

$ 79.00

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Dr Dabber Small Precooler Recycler Attachment

$ 89.00

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