Bio Bongs: The Magic of Bioluminescence

Look in to the liiiggghhht...

Keeping on trend with the latest in glassblower artistry, these bioluminescent pipes are sure to make you feel like you’re swimming in an underwater oasis—if your product isn’t already helping you with that!

These UV reactive pieces are like having two pipes in one. They retain one appearance under normal light and totally transform colors under UV lights such as Black Lights. So scientific!

These bio bongs are the epitome of pipe artistry, including intricate scenery on the inside of the pipe and heavily reinforced glass encasing it all. The colors used in each piece are unique to the designer, so you may not find the exact colors elsewhere.

The colors are carefully chosen to produce the most striking and unique visual effects under the right conditions. These pipes are sure to wow any crowd with the flick of a light.

These pieces are not only works of art but are thoughtfully designed to make your sessions as carefree as possible. Showerhead percs are found in the bottom of the pipes, producing a smooth and even session for users of all kinds.

The reinforced heavy bottoms help prevent accidental tip-overs and spills. Want a change up in your product? The removable bowl makes it easy for users to switch it out for a nail and transform these pipes into dabbing rigs.

Pick up your favorite design today, along with a UV light, and experience the perfect marriage between science and art in these stunning bioluminescent pipes.



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