Top 10 Best Recycler Dab Rigs of 2023

By Sean Geng in 2023

Recyclers offer the ultimate in smooth, flavorful dabs.

Recyclers use a complex system of reservoirs and percolators to filter your smoke all the way up to the convenient splashguard. This creates powerful hits that are easy on the lungs. Recyclers also prevent your smoke from getting stale, because the smoke doesn't leave the water until the last possible second. 

When selecting a recycler, you'll want to consider:

  • Size of Mouthpiece: Selecting a recycler with a small opening at the mouthpiece can enhance your ability to taste the nuances of the terpenes you've so carefully preserved with the constant filtration you get from your recycler.
  • Number of Percs: Percolators are great for filtering your smoke so you get the coolest and purest hit possible, but the more percs you have, the harder you'll have to pull to move the smoke and water through all those filters. 

Recyclers are a great choice for concentrate connoisseurs. Here are our top ten choices to help you on your journey of choosing the perfect recycler for you.

2023 Top 10 Top Recycler Dab Rigs

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