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Top 10 Best Carb Caps for Dabbing of 2023

By Smoke Cartel in 2023

Carb caps are key to high quality dabs. 

Carb caps can be found in their own piece, on the end of a dabber, or included with a dab nail set. They can be stylish, highly scientific, or a little bit of both!

There are two key reasons to use a carb cap:

  1. To control airflow, and the size of your dab rips.
  2. To make the most of your dab supply by funneling every wisp of concentrate vapor into your rig.

Carb caps come in a variety of materials. Most popular are:

  • Quartz (clean delivery)
  • Ceramic (full-flavor delivery)
  • Titanium (ultra durable)

Carb caps can also be found in a variety of cool shapes. Two popular carb cap styles are bubble carb caps and banger carb caps. 

Smoke Cartel has a wide selection of useful carb caps you'll want to spark some joy in your dab routine!

2023 Top 10 Top Carb Caps for Dabbing

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