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Cheapest Bongs Under $100

Posted by Smoke Cartel on

So, you’re ready to jump in the bong game and don’t want to spend a fortune on your first piece. That’s cool, we get it. And we’re here to help. Below you’ll find some of our favorites that won’t break the bank and still blow you away. 

Famous X Beaker Bong


This beaker is made from quality borosilicate glass and will be a trusty friend for a very long time. It’s equipped with an ice catcher which means you can easily have cool smoke on demand and milk it for some monster rips. It’s simple, elegant, well built, and quite affordable. 

Flower of Life Mini Beaker Water Bong


For those spiritual souls among you. This beautiful piece is just 7 inches tall and has a striking mandala design on the base. The bent neck is complemented with 2 maria rings and, other than being gorgeous, has good purpose - it will protect you from potentially nasty splashes of yucky bong water. 

Famous Brandz Space Water Pipe


Elegant, sleek, and timeless. This beautiful water pipe from Famous Brandz is made from durable borosilicate glass and decorated with futuristic patterns and dark accents. It’s 12 inches tall and is equipped with an ice catcher that makes it double the fun. Minimalists will love it!

Cheech and Chong 40th Anniversary Mini Beaker Bong


It’s almost impossible not to include a bong without mentioning the most iconic stoner duo. Celebrate their 40th birthday with this miniature piece. It’s just 4.3 inches tall, making it super portable. Made from quality glass and decorated with an animated Cheech and Chong decal, it comes with a matching glass herb bowl that’s surprisingly roomy.

RIP Series Mini Lava Flow Dual Mini Rig


Pulsar makes some incredible water pipes and this dab rig / bong combination is no different. It’s made entirely out of indestructible silicone. That’s right - there’s no way to break this piece. Not to mention that silicone bongs are dead easy to clean - just shove it in the dishwasher. This piece can work with dry herbs as well as concentrates so you get the best of both worlds. If you’ve never tried silicone bongs before, go for this one. 

Glass Leaf Handle Water Pipe Bong


Affordable bongs don’t need to be basic or ugly. This unique piece is proof. It’s made from thick borosilicate glass and designed with a botanical theme in mind. It also sports a showerhead percolator that will filter your smoke and create lots of fun bubbles. The beautifully designed bowl is deep and roomy and decorated with exterior marbles. Adorable. 

Pulsar High Class Beaker Water Pipe


Another piece from Pulsar that made it to the list. This one is totally different, though. It’s made entirely out of quality borosilicate glass and built to impress. The classic beaker shape is combined with an extremely thick base. It has a built-in ice catcher as well so you can have cool smoke on demand. This is a work of art that happens to be a great ice bong. Amazing. 

Note: prices listed are as noted on the date of this article's publication, 5/26/21. They are subject to change and may not be reflective of the current price on the actual product page at the time you access this article.

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