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The Stash Shack Terp Recycler Quartz Banger Set

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Introducing our Terp Recycler Quartz Banger Set with Bubble Cap & Quartz Insert – the pinnacle of engineering for the true dabbing connoisseur. Also known as a terp recycler or diamond loop, this precision-crafted piece redefines the art of dabbing.

Three-Part Excellence

Our Terp Recycler Banger Set consists of three essential components:

The Banger (or Loop): This is where the magic begins. The 2mm thick walls of the banger ensure robustness and optimal heat retention. With a spacious 22mm outer diameter, it provides ample room for your concentrates to transform into vapor artistry.

Quartz Knot Insert : The heart of the operation, this quartz insert measures 18mm in height and is designed to distribute heat evenly, ensuring every precious drop of concentrate is vaporized to perfection. It's the key to achieving the ultimate dabbing experience.

Bubble Cap:  Completing the trio, the bubble carb cap is your control center. It retains the vapor, allowing you to savor the flavors and aromas at your own pace. No precious terpenes are wasted with this set.

Efficiency Redefined

As you drop your concentrate onto the insert, it swiftly heats up and spreads throughout, ensuring uniform vaporization. But here's where the brilliance shines through: the product is then artfully funneled into the loop, leaving no drop behind. It's the ultimate efficiency in action.

Elevate Your Dabbing Experience

Our Terp Recycler Quartz Banger Set isn't just a dabbing device; it's a masterpiece of engineering. Experience the true flavors and potency of your concentrates as they're transformed into silky, flavorful vapor with every dab. Take control of your sessions and savor every moment with this exceptional set.

Elevate your dabbing game today with the Terp Recycler Quartz Banger Set – where science meets artistry, and every drop counts.

  • X1 Banger
  • X1 Bubbler cap
  • X1 Quartz insert
  • 2mm thick walls 22mm outer diameter
  • 22mm cap outer diameter
  • 18mm insert height

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  • Durable and Built to Last
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Made for Concentrate Use
  • Quartz Banger