Who is Purr Glass?

Based out of Chatsworth, California, Purr Glass has long been a powerhouse in the

scientific glass industry. From humble beginnings, Purr has grown to provide great scientific

pieces at consumer­friendly prices all over the country. Who is Purr? Meet Chad Zindroski, the

founder. This native­born Californian is no stranger to glassblowing. Chad’s love for glass goes

way back to a young age, back to when he visited Italy for the first time. The magnificence of the

vaulted stained glass windows stayed with him his entire life.

Since then, glassblowing slowly lured him in. He first took a ceramics class in high

school, excelling far beyond the course’s expectations. In college, Chad heard his calling and

thereafter transferred to Chico State University, majoring in the fine arts. At this time in his life,

Chad worked as a janitor. Working throughout school and after, his hard­working spirit instilled a

sensibility in him. His friends introduced him to blowing glass spoons, and he apprenticed for a

summer before selling his own glass pipes and spoons. The market for glass in California at that

point was quite limited ­ expensive and heady. Chad asked himself the question, “Why hasn’t

anyone made affordable glass that works well?” He tinkered around with the borosilicate glass

tubes, and by adding a perforated downstem into a bubbler, Chad created the world’s first

percolated bubbler.

For the first round he hit dispensaries in San Francisco. He held out his revolutionary

new product, and people immediately bought it out. Pleased with his new success, he created

Purr ­ a play on the word “perc.” Since then, he was joined by his wife and business partner

Linda, and a team of world­class glassblowers. Purr has spread all over the West Coast, and

since starting the trade show circuits, exploded across the nation. They have been a part of the

growing industry for twelve years; since 2003 they have been lining stores with American made,

high quality, scientific glass at a fantastic price point.