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Carcinogens and Compounds

A common question when it comes to considering a vaporizer is, “why make this more complicated than it needs to be?”  If you already have a bong or a pipe, spending money on a vaporizer just for the benefit of discretion can seem like a bit of an unnecessary purchase.  But many smokers choose to make the switch to vaporization for the health benefits of avoiding smoke.  When inhaling any kind of smoke, various carcinogens are also consumed at high temperatures into your lungs.  The dangers of smoking can usually take physical form in shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain.  

With vaporization, these dangerous carcinogens are completely removed as factors during a sesh.  Rather, vapors are 95% natural compounds found in your dry herbs and legal concentrates.  This could make your sesh not only healthier, but more effective as well.

An Easier Way to Smoke

Vapors are so effective at transporting natural compounds that you may not even realize it’s happening at all!  Vaporization practically eliminates the need to hold smoke in your lungs for longer than an instant, making it a quicker and more painless process.  With vaporization, you can also use less of your dry herbs and legal concentrates than you might when using a pipe or papers.  This will make your next sesh easier on both you and your materials.

All About Temperatures

When using a vaporizer, as with dabbing, lower temperatures tend to unlock stronger flavors from your dry herbs and concentrates.  Generally the ideal temperature for vaporizing is 338 degrees Fahrenheit -- that’s 54 degrees cooler than the temperature necessary for combustion.  And sometimes combustion can get even hotter, hitting over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  That’s a lot of heat for your lungs, even with careful diffusion.  Some vaporizers offer heat settings as well, allowing you to customize your vaping experience to suit your needs.

At Smoke Cartel, we sell a wide variety of vaporizers from pen-style to tabletop.  If you’re a smoker who prioritizes health, then a switch to a vaporizer could be right for you!

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