Best water pipes for the money.

UPC Sleek and Simple Straight Tube - Water Pipe Bong

From color changing glass to scientific glass tubes, your purchase of a water pipe can get complex. Depending on your budget, a well-designed vape or dab rig is key to a successful smoking experience.

One major feature to keep in mind is that the best water pipes are glass on glass such as our more basic, yet very popular UPC Sleek and Simple Straight Tube. The UPC models feature reinforced joints, high grade glass, and are made in the USA. The Sleek and Simple Straight Tube is well-designed with open tubes that will not restrict air flow, an overall excellent choice for someone looking for high quality and value.

At Smoke Cartel we feature an entire catalog of water pipes inspired by scientific glass. Our scientific glass catalog offers less artistic options in favor of more sleek, streamlined models. Cosmetic enhancements serve an aesthetic purpose as well as a functional one, such as thick glass and open air passages that will increase your smoking experience. These are the best water pipes for the money! Whether your style is minimalist or flashy, Smoke Cartel has plenty of well-designed water pipes waiting to be shipped! 


What is the best dab rig?

Quartz Dab Rig for Concentrates - Quartz Shortie

Many smokers are moving away from traditional water pipes and bowls, to more elaborate smoking set-ups featuring nails and rigs. Understanding the art of dabbing takes education and investment in new products. With a huge selection of dab rigs on the market, take some time to discover what features are going to suit your unique smoking needs. Some things to consider when shopping for a dab rig:

  • Material Matters. High quality glass is crucial to long term heating and cooling. Choosing the cheapest dab rig is not always the best idea.
  • Portability. You may want to transport your dab rig or travel with it. Choosing a model that is compact enough to be packed in a bag or a suitcase is often a great idea. Larger more complex dab rig models are designed for home and special occasion use.
  • Shape and Style Matter. Be sure to keep an eye on the dimensions of your dab rig, shape of the dome, and type of joint.


Which recycler rig is best for me?

Recycler for Dabbing Concentrates - 710

If you are interested in dabbing you may not be completely familiar with all of the devices, but we all have to start from somewhere, right? Often, we find that people don't understand what the recycling function really means when dabbing. Let's take a look..

Recycler rigs can look complex but serve a simple purpose: provide dab hits that are cooler in temperature allowing for longer inhalation. This is achieved through a system of tubes designed to allow heat separation. There is also a splash back feature that allows bubbles to burst without water getting in your mouth. 

Most experienced dabbers swear by the experience of using a glass recycler, because while they may look complex, recycler rigs take the dabbing experience to the next level.

We believe a recycler rig is an investment and should be treated as such. Ranging from $130 to $1500, recyclers can be upgraded as your tastes and habits change. That said, each of Smoke Cartel’s recycler rigs are measured to exact specifications and most are sourced from local United States glass artisans.

Still confused about where to start? We recommend our very own, beginner friendly, "Twincycler" Double Chambered Dual Recycler. Whether you are new to dabbing or have been doing it for years, Smoke Cartel offer the highest quality recycler options for your investment.


What is the best vape pen for beginners?

Portable pen vaporizers are trending heavily in today’s tobacco industry. The ease and convenience of pulling out a vape pen appeals to both sexes equally through sleek aesthetics and discrete inhalation. The choices are endless, so which vape pen is right for you?

If you are used to traditional filtered cigarettes, you should realize that vape pens are not the same concept. The biggest difference is that instead of burning any harmful chemicals such as tar, vaporizers heat herbs, plants, oils, and wax. Because nothing is being burned, vaping does not create any harmful second hand smoke thereby making it far more preferable in public.

When looking to buy your first vape pen you may want to consider something flexible that allows you to vaporize different types of substances without changing the tank. Within most of the United States, herbs and plants are going to be the most available for your vape pen, unless you live in select states, then you can gain access to medicinal oils and waxes.

How to buy titanium nails

Universal Titanium Nail for Dabbing

Stop dealing with the taste of butane through a bowl! Add a titanium nail to your smoking system and increase taste levels dramatically. The introduction of a propane torch into your toking habit requires switching to materials that can handle 2000 degree temperatures. The dabbing industry offers a lot of different devices, but as a consumer, safety should always be a priority.

Choosing high quality titanium nails is a must for anyone interested in turning up the heat. Some things to consider are material strength, titanium grade, and purity. Many titanium nail distributers claim to offer medical Grade 2 titanium but that doesn’t necessarily mean it's safe.

Before making a titanium nail purchase, you should understand a few things about how they are made. Let’s put it this way, not all Grade 2 titanium is created equally and much of what comes from overseas is poor quality.

At Smoke Cartel, we source our Grade 2 titanium nail products through a certified American third-party testing service. A specific example of high Grade 2 titanium is found in our DabWorthy Super Universal Domeless 10mm or 14mm or 19mm Titanium Nail for Male or Female Joints. In doing so we guarantee our customers will enjoy high levels of purity and low levels of iron filler ingredients. The less fillers, the longer your titanium nail will stand up to high levels of heat and produce desired dabbing effects.