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Summer is the perfect season for rolling up. Nothing beats enjoying mother nature while smoking a doobie with friends! In spirit of beautiful outdoor smoke seshes, we compiled a Rolling Paper guide.

Table of Contents:
What are rolling papers?
Rolling paper sizes
What are rolling papers made of?
How are they made?
Paper versus Glass
Pros and Cons of rolling
Popular rolling paper brands
How to roll
Rolling Machines
Trick Rolls

What are Rolling Papers?
Rolling papers are ultra-thin papers used for smoking tobacco and other herbs. They provide a clean and social smoking experience. and are the preferred method for many smokers. Rolling papers were originally manufactured and used in Spain before becoming internationally popular.

Rolling Paper Sizes:
Rolling papers are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate every type of smoker. Rolling papers are measured by length and width, and larger papers enable smokers to roll and consume larger quantities of herbs in one sitting.

The common rolling paper sizes are as follows:
Single wide: 68-70mm long, 34-36mm wide. These are the smallest papers on the market. Singles are usually complimentarily placed within pouches of rolling tobacco. Because of their small size, many smokers roll these papers without a filter.
One and a quarter: 76-78mm long, 45-48mm wide. The standard sized rolling paper. These are the most widely used papers among smokers. They’re not too big, and they’re not too small.
One and a half: 76-78mm long, 60-62mm wide. Can hold fifty percent more herbs than a single wide. These papers are great for smokers who want a larger roll than a one and a quarter, but don’t want to commit to the beastly double wide.
Double wide: 76-78mm long, up to 88mm wide. Can hold twice as much product as a single wide. These are the tallest papers on the market, making them excellent for fat rolls and group seshes.
King size: 100-110mm long, 55-60mm wide. These are the biggest standard sized papers on the market. You can fit a large amount of herbs into a king size paper. These mega-sized papers are perfect for seshes with a few friends. Take a seat, you’ll be there a while.
Roll: up to 16.4 feet long, up to 60-62 inches wide. Pull desired length and cut! You could hypothetically roll something as long as 16.4 feet if you’ve got the skills!

What are Rolling Papers Made of?
Rolling papers were originally fashioned out of wood-pulp, until modern manufacturing allowed for other cleaner substances to be worked into paper. Today, papers are created from a variety of different resources such as rice, hemp, and other cellulose fibers. The gum strip used to seal rolling papers is normally made from the sap of Acacia trees. In order to obtain the sugary sap of the Acacia, producers make incisions in the bark of the tree and extract the sap. Acacia trees are native to semi-desert regions of Africa where the sap is harnessed.

How are Rolling Papers Made?
While papers are produced from different resources, the manufacturing process is very similar across the board. Paper markers start by pulping the materials and refining them within a large tank. They then dilute and purify the pulpy mixture before de-aerating and drying the materials. Once the water has been worked out, the paper is reeled up on wheels that contain up to 15 miles of paper! The paper is then unrolled and watermarked. After the papers are completely dry they’re cut to the intended size and interleaved into the rolling paper packs.

So Which is Better? Paper or Glass?
Neither! Like comparing apples and oranges, glass and paper provide completely different smoking experiences. While glass is better for conserving your product, nothing is more pleasurable than taking a walk with a fat rollable. Plus, if you get into a sticky situation, it’s much easier to ditch a jay than your favorite tube. Rolled items are also a more social smoke. They’re much more straight-forward than glass items, so they won’t distract you from a conversation in the same way that lighting and pulling a bowl would.
My personal favorite part aspect of rolling is that you get to create something, and then enjoy it! Like cooking a good meal, rolling a good jay is a fulfilling experience. That sort of fulfillment is absent from owning a glass piece. Unless you made it yourself, of course!


Pros and Cons of Rolling:

Taste the full flavors of your herbs

Easy to conceal

Easy to ditch

Social smoking at its finest

Hand rolling is fulfilling

Control over amount— you can roll something super small or huge!

Ideally you only have to light it once

Customizable— there are many different rolling techniques

Not great for conserving product

Rolled items are very stanky

There’s a definite learning curve with rolling

Smoke Cartel carries the following rolling paper brands:

OCB Papers, straight out of France!
Short for Odet Cascadec Bolloré, these papers were originally created in 1822 on the banks of the Odet river in France. Since their inception nearly 200 years ago, OCB have always held high quality standard. Their paper is crafted from cellulos fibers taken from flax plants and hemp trees. They source their gum from acacia trees grown in Africa’s semi-desert regions. OCB papers are watermarked to maintain a smooth and even burn.

Elements Rice Rolling Papers
Elements are a rice paper widely embraced for being ultra thin. The combination of this paper’s thinness and ingredients lead to an ash-free smoke, the only byproduct is caramel produced by the acacia gumstrip burning. Elements also utilize a criss-cross watermark to maintain a smooth and even burn throughout the entire sesh.

RAW Rolling Papers, only at Smoke Cartel
RAWs have quickly become the most popular paper in the world. RAWs are constructed from tree fibers and possess zero additives. This leads the papers to be their signature translucent brown hue. They’re also ultra thin and feature an acacia gum strip.

Zen Hemp Rolling Paper
Zen papers were the original hemp papers! Despite being slightly thicker than RAWs and Elements, these papers still burn very smoothly. Like most quality brands, they also possess an acacia gum strip.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers
Shine papers are the world’s first 24k gold rolling paper. These bad boys consist of paper encased by an edible gold leaf. These papers burn very slow and leave gold ash behind! They’re surprisingly durable, making them an easy roll. These papers are perfect for parties, and are great conversation starters!

Tips (also known as filters, roaches, crutches, etc.)
Many smokers use tips in their rolled items. These are multifunctional, allowing smokers to hold onto their rolled item without burning their fingers or damaging the paper. Tips also function to prevent herbs (or scooby snacks) from being pulled through your rollable and into your mouth. Many smokers cut note cards or other cardstock-like material into their desired size, for use as a tip. But most rolling paper companies produce pre-cut tips, ready to be rolled into a cylinder and placed into the paper. If you’re looking for a classier rolled item, many companies make glass tips for a reusable filter. Tips were rarely used in old-school rolled items, making it difficult to smoke all of the product.

How to Roll:
Rolling may seem difficult at first, but like all things it just takes a bit of practice! Start by grinding your product to an even consistency. Roll a tip by folding an end once or twice, and then rolling it into a cylinder. Take your rolling paper and place the tip at either end. I’d recommend placing the tip so your dominant hand grasps it as you roll. Next, take your herbs and fill the paper. You want your herbs to be as even as possible, all the way down to the tip. Once your herbs are evenly placed throughout the paper, pick up the rolling paper so it sits between your thumb and index finger. Work your herbs into a cylinder starting from the end with the tip. Keep one thumb on the tip and work your other thumb slowly across the paper, making sure your herbs are packed well and even. Once your herbs are essentially a log, roll the side of the paper that is closest to you down and use your thumbs to tuck it beneath the herbal log. It’s easiest to start by tucking at the tip, and then following that line down the rest of the paper. Once it has been tucked evenly throughout, lick the gum strip and bring the opposing side over to consistent seal the paper. Feel free to tap the filtered end on a table to make sure that your herbs are nice and packed throughout. Light up and enjoy!

Rolling Machines:
Is rolling giving you a hassle? Scoop a rolling machine! These sweet devices function to create a perfect rollable, every time. Rolling machines are produced in three standard sizes: 70mm, 79mm, and 110mm. If you’re rolling a single wide, you’ll use the 70mm roller. If you’re rolling one and a quarters, you’ll need a 79mm roller. If you’re rolling king sizes, you’ll need a 110mm rolling machine. Many different companies produce rolling machines, making hand rolls a breeze!

Trick Rolls:
Once you’ve got your rolling skills down, you might want to try a trick roll! There are many different styles of trick rolls, so we’ll outline a few right here!

Cross Joint
Seth Rogen Smoking a Cross Joint
The most popular trick roll is probably the cross joint. To roll this bad boy, you’ll roll a fat jay with a tip, and a smaller one without a tip that is packed all the way through both ends. Take a pointy object, and add a tunnel through the center of both rolled items. Then, pull the smaller rolled object through the larger one, making sure that the tunnel is lined up to allow you to access your herb at the far end of the paper. Lastly, cut the gum off of a fresh rolling paper and wrap it over the tunnel section of the cross joint. The goal here is to make sure your concoction is airtight. Feel free to use another gum if you’re not certain! Now light up all three ends and enjoy!


Braided Joint
Braided Joint
The braided joint is another crazy roll. To create this monster, make three rolls (with tips) that are pretty much identical. Cut off the gum of a fresh paper, lick it, and wrap it around the base of the rolled items so that they’re side by side. Now, just braid! Once it’s evenly braided, take another gum, lick it, and wrap it around the end of your concoction. Some rollers opt to leave the end unbound, but that just looks messy! Light up and have a victory toke!


Pan Flute
The mighty Pan Flute
My friends and I conceived this idea in late 2013 and executed it on 4/20 of 2014. To create a pan flute, you’ll want to roll several objects, all with tips. Make three king sized rolls, a one and a quarter roll, and a single wide. Take one of the kind sized jays and cut about a centimeter off the end. Take another, and about two centimeters off the end. Line up your rolled items from shortest to tallest. Cut several strips of gum off of fresh king size rolling papers, lick them, and attach them around the base of the rolled items so they’re securely side by side. Once they’re secure, light only the end of the longest rolled object and smoke! As you smoke down the first king size it will automatically light the next jay on fire, and that slightly shorter king size will light the next one on fire, so on and so on… Hypothetically, you could do more than five rolled items, and you don’t necessarily have to start with a king size! The RAW rolls and Element rolls enable you to pick and cut a paper of any size— you could make a huge pan flute!


Check out Smoke Cartel’s collection of rolling papers! From one and a quarters to long rolls, Smoke Cartel’s selection of rolling papers has something for every smoker.

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