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The Faberge Egg: The Holy Grail of Dab Rigs

By Smoke Cartel Crew on Oct 20, 2016

Fabulous Function from the Fab Egg

The Faberge Egg (also known as fab eggs) has quickly become the holy grail of concentrate pieces. Originally conceived by the experts at Mothership Glass, fab eggs are easily recognizable by their impressively thick base and circular design. Authentic eggs are in extremely high demand and sport $5,000+ price tags for just clear glass.

Mothership Glass Overview

Mothership Glass was created in 2012 by master glassblowers Scott Deppe and Jake C. The duo set out to establish a collective of glass blowers to push the envelope of the industry, sparing no expense in the creation of their art. Headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, the Mothership Glass studio has at one point or another been a home for renowned artists Quave, Puntington, Davin Titland, Dosa—the list goes on.

The Mothership team has conceived several industry defining pieces such as the Taurus, a flavor-savoring internal recycler powered by a laser cut “Seed of Life” perc; the Klein, a vortex-creating internal recycler that drains outside the main chamber and is equipped with a laser cut 72 hole “Flower of Life” perc; and the Ball Rig, an inception style sphere within a sphere that redirects the “Flower of Life” percolation around the internal ball.

Ever used a Honey Bucket? That’s also a product of the Mothership Glass team.

The quality standards at Mothership Glass are astronomical and reflected in the retail prices. They use nothing but German Schott glass and american made colors. Mothership’s heavily worked pieces are known as “Elites” and have carried six-figure price tags. The elite pieces are always worked with intricate designs, utilizing a variety master-techniques like graal tech, electroforming, reticellos and other crazy linework.

What’s so special about the Fab Egg?

The fab egg is the perfect blend of form and function— they’re absolutely hypnotizing pieces. The circular motif used throughout the shape of the body and swiss holes makes for an exceptional aesthetic. Fab eggs usually sport a bent neck, a reinforced joint, and a sturdy base. The fab egg function is uniquely smooth. While fab eggs can be large in stature, the water-holding chambers are tight and restricted, allowing dabbers to taste the natural flavors and terpenes in their concentrates. This compact body shape creates a drag free smoke characteristic of only the fab egg. Percolators vary from egg to egg, but the fab body consistently functions to recycle your water over the top of the internal chamber and back into the percolation chamber.

The popularity of the fab egg is evident in the amount of adaptations on the market.  Whether you’re looking for a collectible piece or you've got a more fragile budget, your favorite online headshop has the fab egg for you! 


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