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The Platinum Standard

Pulse Glass has been a powerhouse within the industry since 2012. Located in LA, Pulse has developed a reputation for crafting super functional glass at an excellent price point. Pulse maintains high quality standards by using German Schott glass and adorning every piece with a real platinum label. Their water pipes and rigs always deliver phenomenal percolation, featuring unique percs found only at Pulse.

Much of Pulse’s percolators revolve around their magnificent matrix barrel designs. Pulse’s barrel percs come in a few different forms:

Barrel Stemline

The barrel stemline is essentially a cross between a gridded inline perc and a matrix perc. The Barrel Stemline has a minimum of 80 diffusion points, exponentially more than your standard inline. Plus, the diffusion points surround the entire body of the perc, allowing for a drag-free smoke. This percs are great for both flowers and concentrates, but are often placed within Pulse tubes that have a large can. In that case, I’d recommend sticking to flowers as larger cans increase drag and are less ideal for concentrates.

Double Barrel Stemline

This percolator is a spin on the barrel stemline. As if one barrel perc wasn’t enough, this perc features an extra barrel for maximum percolation! Like its big brother, the barrels deliver 360 degrees of filtration. This duo also creates a low-drag smoke that really packs a punch!

Domed Barrel

Pulse’s domed barrel perc resembles the barrel perc standing on its side. There are less diffusion points on the domed barrel, but that doesn’t mean an inferior smoke! The domed barrel is a phenomenal concentrate perc as the lesser amount of diffusion points allow for a full flavored smoke. The dome sections of the perc are often worked with wig wags for an added heady aesthetic. Pulse’s domed barrel percs are often utilized in combination with another perc or diffused downstem for an awesome experience.

Nano Barrel

My personal favorite Pulse perc for concentrates. The nano barrel resembles an inverted showerhead that is fastened to the bottom of the can. The nano barrel normally doesn’t possess more than 10 diffusion points and is always put within small pieces. This makes it a more than ideal concentrate perc, as you can taste all of the terps and natural flavors in your concentrates.

Diffused Downstem

While diffused downstems usually have pretty minor diffusion systems, Pulse’s diffused downstems resemble their barrel perc. These stereo matrix percs deliver excellent filtration in a tight space. Because they normally sit within large tubes, these percs are perfect for flowers!

Gridded Tongue

The gridded tongue is similar to a gridded inline percolator. The difference is that gridded tongues are significantly wider than standard inlines. This enables Pulse to fit several more diffusion points on the perc, creating a smoother smoker. The gridded tongue perc always faces upward to deliver the smoke quickly to your lungs!

Gas Mask Showerhead

The gas mask showerhead is a unique perc that features the profile of a gas masked character. Slits surround the entire perimeter of these showerhead percs, creating a storm of bubbles that engulfs the gas mask man. These percs are sometimes placed as the second chamber in a can, and the combination of two chambers makes it a perfect perc for flowers. But when the gas mask showerhead is fused to the bottom of a small piece, it delivers a concentrate-friendly smoke that balances flavor and filtration. The gas mask showerhead combines both function and form making it a particularly sweet percolator.

Fab Munny

Pulses Fab Munnys have quickly been revered as the nicest Pulse pieces– ever. These bad boys feature a faberge egg design in an incredibly small and contained space, leading to excellent percolation and flavor. The Munnys also feature a showerhead diffuser and are available in many different colors. They’re pretty rare though as Pulse made a very limited number of these excellent functioning pieces! Smoke Cartel was lucky enough to receive a few Pulse Fab Munnys.

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