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What is a recycler?

A recycler is a common type of concentrate water pipe.  These wax rigs essentially have one major and crucial difference: an additional chamber that funnels or cycles water and smoke from the second chamber and back to the original chamber.  Basically, recyclers keep smoke and water moving in a circle throughout your pipe, meaning you’re smoke will be exceptionally filtered and you’ll be able to get bigger hits than you ever thought possible.

Recyclers vs. other concentrate rigs

Recyclers are generally considered an improvement over the standard concentrate rig for the smoothness and coolness of the hits.  This is because in a recycler rig, your smoke has longer contact with the water during the recycling project, which allows it to cool easier.  Recyclers are also considered to give much more flavorful hits, since the water continues to percolate and bubble near the bottom of the neck, which allows the natural flavors of the concentrate to bubble closer to your mouth.

Recycler upkeep

As with any pipe, keeping your recycler clean is key to its function and flavor.  A simple salt and alcohol swish will do the trick for any standard resin that has accumulated on your glass.  With certain styles of recyclers and percs, you may need to invest in a slender pipe cleaning brush or scrubber.  However, a lot of times because there is so much motion and water flow in a recycler, a lot of grime will disappear as you smoke, so long as you make sure to change your water out at the end of your sesh!

Recyclers on Smoke Cartel

If you’re looking for recyclers on Smoke Cartel, you’ve got a fantastic selection to choose from!  Smoke Cartel manufacturers recyclers such as the extremely popular “Hammerhead” recycler and “Salvager” incycler.  JM Flow is a brand nearly synonymous with recyclers for its dreamy collection.  Ranging anywhere from the behemoth Mega Tornado Recycler to the slender Mega Sprinkler Hornet Recycler.  Combined with JM Flow’s impeccable filtration capabilities, these things are an investment that you are going to want to make.  For a headier experience, check out Clayball Glass’s Illuminati Recycler.  This thing is absolutely incredible, and for the absolute concentrate and recycler connoisseur.  Or for something on the heady side but with a slightly breezier price tag, check out the Panda Friends Turbine Recycler.  

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a Swiss style recycler (check out Shesh Supply’s Artemis!) or a nice disc perc (take a look at C2 Glass’s Ratchet Perc Recycler), there’s something for you at Smoke Cartel!

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