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From low-temp dabs to carb caps, dabbers go through many steps to enjoy the full flavor of their concentrates. These steps begin with seasoning the nail. Both quartz and titanium nails require seasoning, Ceramic and glass nails do not need to be seasoned.


While titanium and quartz heating elements are designed for vaporization, they need to be seasoned before use to remove any foul tasting finishes created by the manufacturing process. Seasoning a nail is just like seasoning a new pan— it ensures you have a tasty experience right from the start.


Things to know before seasoning any nail: Glass and ceramic nails can not be seasoned as glass shatters when exposed to drastic temperature changes. Quartz nails are supposed to be purely made of silicon dioxide, however some cheaper quartz nails may be cut with glass. Make sure your quartz nail is actually quartz before seasoning. Silicone Dioxide is more heat resistant and can withstand drastic temperature changes significantly more than glass. If it shatters, you know it wasn’t quartz!


We tested these methods with Empire Glassworks and DabWorthy quartz bangers, and can confirm they are the real deal.


To season your nail you’ll need the following items:
Nail (quartz or titanium)
Cup of water


Safety first: It’s important to use pliers to season your nail as hot steam will emerge from the bottom end. You’d be surprised by how badly steam can burn you, so use pliers to hold your nail under water instead of your hand!

1: Fill a cup with cold water. Add ice cubes.
2: Hold your nail by the joint with pliers and heat the outside of the dish with the torch.
3: Allow nail to get hot. The nail will not glow bright red as it is brand new. The red glow is created by a buildup of carbon overtime, and is only acquired after use.
4: Once thoroughly heated, submerge nail underwater. You want every part you might dab off of to be submerged. Expect loud sizzles and steam. Hold there for several seconds.
5: Pull nail out of cup of water. Shake dry.
6: Repeat a few times. I normally go for a total of three.


Seasoning a nail is that easy! I’ve read guides on the internet of people wasting concentrates, or seasoning with odd substances such as jelly. Don’t do that. Save your jelly for a sandwich. I can assure you jelly is not good for your heating element, and why waste concentrates when you can easily season with water!


Note: To further preserve your quartz nail over time check out our article explaining Q-Tip Tech. Q-Tip Tech slows the oxidation process and wear on your nail.

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