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Methods of Torchless Dabbing

When dabbing, conventional wisdom suggests that one would need a water pipe, a nail, dome (or domeless nail) and a torch. While this is true for most of us concentrate smokers out there, we've all been in that sticky situation where everything is set up, and there isn't a torch in sight!

As awful as it seems, have no fear! there are several great alternatives to using the standard torch, nail and dome combo. When attempting to dab your legal concentrates without a torch, consider these sure-fire options:

The Healthstone:

The Healthstone is made of 100% inert ceramic, meaning they produce no smoke or vapors of any kind.

Concentrates absorb into the Vapor Stone and vaporize out of the Vapor Stone as soon as sufficient heat is applied.


Concentrate Vaporizers:

The Muad-Dib Concentrate box.

Grav Labs Glass Boro pen

The Grav Labs Glass Boro pen is an excellent vaporizer for concentrates and waxy oils. It Features a glass body, providing an elegant aesthetic, along with a dual coil to provide for the most efficient and fastest concentrate vaporization.

The Entropy Pen

One of our best sellers, the Entropy pen features all the necessities of a great concentrate pen. Including a battery, pancake coil and domed chamber, along with a carrying case complete with a dabber tool and charger. The Entropy pen offers a great value for its price, and is backed by our lifetime warranty, overall making it a great alternative to dabbing with a torch.

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