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The hemp plant has many modern day uses, such as creating organic lotion, hemp seed food items (such as flour, bread, cookies, etc.), and even clothing! One majorly innovative product created from the hemp plant is hemp wick! Smokers across the world can agree hemp wick will surely change your life and the way you smoke your legal product. Hemp wick holds tremendous amount of advantages over traditional butane lighters for your health, cornering that bowl between your friends, conserving product, and so much more. Hemp wick is any smoker’s trustiest companion for smoke seshes.

Hemp plants and hemp plant products have been around for centuries, being used in food, clothing, rope for sailors as they crossed bodies of water, and so much more. However, the rise in popularity of using hemp wick amongst legal smokers rose within the past 20 years or so as hemp has become less taboo and more legally available. This is mainly due to it’s insanely affordable pricing, health advantages, and it’s easy transportation. (Most users wrap their wick around their lighters for easy traveling and usage.)

When you’re using hemp wick versus a traditional butane lighter, you aren’t inhaling any of those noxious butane gases. Although you do have to light the wick to get the flame started, none of those gases transfer onto the wick, which means none of those gases come into contact with your lungs. This makes for a smoother, healthier, and tastier hit.  After personally using only butane lighters for my seshes for the past 8 years, I recently tried hemp wick after a friend recommended it to me. They let me know of the health benefits and I was instantly intrigued and had to try it. For someone that’s personally trying to eliminate all toxic and bad junk in my life, this was a perfect fit for me. Literally after my first hit my life was changed forever. It only took one pull and I instantly noticed the difference in taste, harshness, and the duration of the pull. The pull lasted much longer, and tasted cleaner than ever. I didn’t even have to clean my water pipe to find this out, either. Needless to say, I was hooked and still am today.

There are so many uses for hemp wick, it’s almost hard to count, but here are a few of the most common uses for hemp wick:

  • smoking legal herbs and concentrates
  • smoking tobacco products
  • lighting candles (especially when the candle wick is too short to reach!)
  • wrapping beeswax hemp wick around plants to attract bees (pollination!)

Hemp wick can come in all forms, but the most common and most natural form is by using beeswax to create that wonderful coating around the wick. It’s honestly the only kind I buy, and I wouldn’t recommend anything else to any of my friends. It’s the most natural, and also supports local communities when it is made with local beeswax. Beeswax hemp wick is simply made by forming the fibers of the hemp plant to make the wick, melting the natural beeswax, then coating the entire wick with generous, multiple layers until it has the perfect amount of wax for each roll. This all seems simple and easy, but let’s face it: lots of labor goes into making hemp wick.

If you do choose to use hemp wick over butane lighters for your next smoking sesh, here’s an easy guideline for how to use it safely and properly:

  1. Unwrap a little bit of the hemp wick from its roll (or your lighter if it’s wrapped around your lighter), but make sure to unwrap enough that you think you’ll need for your sesh, since hemp wick can burn quickly depending on weather conditions and you’ll need enough to where you don’t burn yourself.
  2. Carefully light the end of the wick and make sure there is enough flame on it to keep it from going out. (If you’re in a very windy area or room, you can always carefully shield the wick from the wind with your hand.)
  3. Place the lit wick on your product, and pull. Enjoy!
  4. Blow out any extra flame that may still be burning on your wick after your pull.

Make sure to blow your wick out before it gets closer to your lighter or your hand, as this is a safety precaution you must take in order not to get burned. While it may seem inconvenient to keep lighting the wick, remember all the toxic stuff you’re NOT inhaling when you use your hemp wick!

It’s safe to say that hemp wick is a favorite amongst most smokers for its natural and multiple uses. Hemp wick can be very affordable and lasts way longer than butane lighters (unless you’re a habitual, daily smoker. In that case, I highly suggest buying a whole roll!) I have no idea why it took so long for me to switch over to hemp wick, but I’m SO glad I did. What are you waiting for? Head to the inventory, grab some hemp wick, and enjoy the wonders you are sure to experience while using hemp wick!

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