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So What Are Ashcatchers Used For, Anyways?

From 11-arm trees to recyclers, ash catchers come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of percolators and whatnots.

Genie Style

Genie Lamp Inline Ashcatcher

While this can all be a bit confusing, the core idea of an ash catcher is very simple. It acts as a removable barrier and extra layer of diffusion for your water pipe or concentrate rig.

Whenever ash would normally fall into your piece, it instead falls into the ash catcher, which you can then remove and clean separately instead of having to clean your entire pipe. The different percolators also further diffuse the vapor, making each hit just that much smoother.

Honeycomb Perc to Turbine Perc Ashcatcher

Ash catchers can also provide a change in joint size or gender, can have the addition of a reclaimer for your concentrates, and can act as a sidecar or drop down when using a nail as it makes sure your piece isn’t exposed as much to the heat from your torch.

Huffy Glass Ashcatcher with Removable Downstem

When picking out an ash catcher it’s important to consider the joint size of the piece you want to put it on, as well as the type of bowl or nail you plan to put on it. As for the percolators and other add ons, it’s really just up to personal preference.

Pick your favorite type of percolator, or simply one that peeks your fancy, slap it on your piece, and enjoy! 

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