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Dabstation (noun) — 1: a place where a dabber dabs.

It's important to have all of your essentials at your dabstation. While every dabber maintains a different setup dependent on their personal preference, there are a few tools that are consistently found in every dabbers arsenal.

As part of our 710 series we've complied a list of the top 5 tools that you'll need in order to call yourself a true dabhead! 

1. Protection

Glass is fragile. You’ve got to take proper precautions to protect your collection! Make sure to line your dabstation with an essential silicone mat or rubber to prevent risk of breakage.

Believe it or not, small shocks travel throughout your glass when you place it down. Over long periods of time, this can lead to spider-web cracks between intricate percs and can potentially lead to breakage within your tube. The shock absorbent qualities of silicone and rubber mats greatly reduce any damage that could be done to your precious glass.

These mats are also designed to prevent your concentrates from sticking to the material AND they’re heat resistant. What more could you want? If you’re looking to protect your glass in style, check out the Smoke Cartel Mood Mats. Peaches add class to everything ;-] 

Smoke Cartel Mood Mat - Protect Your Bong

2. Reliable torch

Nothing is worse than a faulty torch. Too many torches these days are made poorly and die after consistent use. Don’t scoop a cheap torch from your local gas station— it’ll make it about two weeks before going kaput. Snag a torch that’s got a solid reputation such as the Cinderwitch Double Jet.

The Cinderwitch delivers a decent sized flame in a highly portable form. Plus, it’s got a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer, ensuring you won’t be without a torch.

Don’t use propane torches. While propane torches are cheap and easily accessible, they burn over 1000 degrees hotter than butane torches. This intense heat oxidizes nails at a much faster rate than butane, greatly shortening a nail’s lifespan.


3. Carb cap

Carb caps are an essential tool for getting full flavored dabs. But with so many different shapes and kinds of nails, it can get kind of frustrating purchasing carb caps to match each heating element.

Our "Blue Blade" Sword Dab Tool and Carb Cap combo is insanely useful, matching just about any nail you can get your hands on. The bold blue color and sharp design of this combo makes a perfect addition to any dabstation!

Note: For more information check out our article Bangers, Buckets, and Caps, OH MY!

Sesh Supply Stoney the Stork Carb Cap for Dabbing 

4. Silicone container

Concentrates must be stored properly to preserve flavor. Terpenes degrade as concentrates sit out, and true dabbers will do anything for the terps! If you’ve got an animal, you know the struggle of keeping your dabstation animal-hair free. But dust and other small particles will settle on slabs regardless of whether or not you have a pet.

Take the proper precautions to keep your concentrates as clean as possible by storing them within silicone containers. If your slab is too big to fit in a silicone container, first off— good for you. Secondly, keep it preserved within parchment paper. Make sure to close your container or fold up your parchment after every dab to keep your pick-up as fresh as the first dab!

Note: For more information on Silicone and storage, check out this article!

 Pocket Square - Container for Dabs

5. Mouthpeace

Mouthpeaces are wonderful new additions to the glass game that guarantee smokers have a germ-free sesh. Available in several different colors and styles, mouthpeaces act as a barrier between you and your piece to prevent the transfer of germs. Make sure to keep a Mouthpeace on your dabstation and you’ll be able to chill with just about anyone that comes over!

To learn more about the ways of the wax, check out our 710 Series and Concentrate Guides. Stay terpy!

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