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A “Zong” bong is a clever play on words to describe this unique style of water pipe. The zongs have a bent neck which looks like a “Z” on many designs, hence the name. There are several advantages that zongs have over regular bongs. One, zongs allow more time for the smoke to travel from the base to the mouthpiece, allowing for cooler hits. The neck also prevents spills, which can be a huge benefit to the more relaxed users. Anyone who’s ever spilled their bong water knows it’s not a fun experience. For users who prefer to utilize ice in their smoking experience, the zong will act as a natural ice pinch for larger pieces of ice. Lastly, zongs just look plain cool. If you’re going for functional and unique, zongs are where it’s at.

One thing to take into consideration with zongs is the cleaning process. You’ll be hard-pressed to spill water out of a zong, but it also makes cleaning slightly more difficult. Brushes can be difficult to get around the zig-zagged neck area, so an abrasive cleaning solution is needed for the tough, stuck on gunk. After you let the solution soak a bit, simply use the force of physics by running a continuous stream of water through the water pipe to flush out all of the cleaning products.

Users who enjoy various percolators in their water pipes may be limited to which types will fit in their zong. Downstem percs and in-line percs work well with zongs, but percs that sit in the neck are usually incompatible with zongs. Nonetheless, using a zong doesn’t always mean you can’t use a perc as well.

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