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Sesh Supply Propeller Perc

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The best supplies for the sesh.

Sesh Supply is our brand dedicated to bringing premium scientific glass to your next smoking session. Each Sesh Supply piece is intuitively designed right out of Savannah, Georgia and is inspired by a creature or character from Greek mythology.

Sesh Supply pieces also sport a variety of unique percs, and the brand is especially known for its spinning propeller perc. In fact, the Sesh Supply "Nymph" Propellor Perc took a prize for Best Glass at the 2018 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup! 

With high-quality materials and a passionate workforce, Sesh Supply is all about setting new standards for affordable glass pieces.

Smoke Cartel is just one of the few authorized online stores for Sesh Supply pieces, and we're proud to be able to offer them to new and veteran smokers alike.

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