Kandy Pens - Portable Stylish Vaporizers for Dry Herbs and Wax Kandy Pens - Portable Stylish Vaporizers for Dry Herbs and Wax

Kandy Pens

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Want some kandy, friend?

Kandy Pens is the new vaporizer brand with an emphasis on luxury, lifestyle, and design. This premium brand of vaporizer pens provides excellent function coupled with a sleek aesthetic perfect for the vape connoisseur who loves a hint of style.

Kandy Pens are subtle, sophisticated, and will have you making clouds as big as your average water pipe. Kandy Pens are available for both dry herb users and concentrate users.

Based  out of Phoenix, Arizona, Kandy Pens is an American brand dedicated to re-imagining the American vaporizer industry. Smoke Cartel is a proud retailer of Kandy Pens for their remarkable function and colorful, tasty style.

Kandy Pens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer Pen

For Oils

$ 35.00


3 Color Options

KandyPens Galaxy Concentrate Vaporizer

For Oils

$ 99.95


8 Color Options

Kandy Pens Rubi Pod Vaporizer

$ 50.00

Smoke Cartel Crew Pick

4 Color Options

Kandy Pens Feather Compact Vaporizer

$ 35.00


5 Color Options

Kandy Pens Prism Essential Oil Vaporizer

For Oils

From $ 98.00


4 Color Options

Kandy Pens Special K Portable Vaporizer

$ 72.00

Smokin' Deal

Save 10% - Originally $ 80.00$ 80.00

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2 Color Options


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