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The Must-Have Stoner Tools & Appliances Buyer's Guide

  1. Best Introductory Culinary Infuser
  2. Best Entry Level Rosin Press
  3. Best Butter Infuser for Beginners
  4. Decarboxylate Like a Pro
  5. Best Bulk Cigarette Packing Machine

So you call yourself a stoner, huh? A big old stoney bologna? Put a lot of dry herb in your hoo-ha?

Lucky for you, stoners can come in all forms. They could be a librarian. They could be a guy with a buzz cut. They could even be your Grandma! Rest in peace.

We’re not here to gatekeep smoking. We just want to make sure, if you do identify as a member of the “Stoner” party, you’re getting all that there is to get got.

There have been so many inventions in stoner technology, they’ll literally make your head pop off and fly around the room like a champagne cork. Yes, literally, please put down some trash bags.

Did you know they have an easy bake oven you can use to make herbal infused butter? What about a rosin press so you can make your own dabs? How about a little rotary phone that can roll cigarettes?

You have no idea what you are you capable of doing quickly and easily without even getting up from your couch— and it DOESN’T involve hentai.

So check out this list of must-have stoner tools that will make you say, “That’s pretty cool, fam!”

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