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Best Bong Cleaning Solutions of 2022

By Sean Geng in 2022

Find the best cleaning solution for your glassware - such as bongs or dab rigs.

Keeping your favorite piece clean is a responsibility of every stoner.  Luckily, there are many options to keeping your glass bong or dab rig clean.

There are traditional methods such as alcohol and salt, but over the years, many specially formulated options are available for cleaning your glass.

What do customers often consider when choosing a bong or pipe cleaner?

  • Environmental: The ingredients of the cleaner should be bio-degradable, and non-toxic, and environmentally safe.
  • Price: Cost is a consideration for choosing an ideal cleaning product.
  • Cleaning Time: The length of the cleaning process is often a consideration for our shoppers.

Smoke Cartel's curated selection of the top cleaning products for your glass pipe, bong, or dab rig will help you find your next cleaning solution and get you on the way to a clean, fresh, glass piece.

2022 Top Bong Cleaning Solutions

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