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Let the good times roll.

Joints have long been revered for being a fun method of smoking that's easily sharable and iconic. But if you're just jumping into it, the idea of rolling one can be a bit daunting even for many seasoned smokers. You've probably been to many seshes where one person was the designated joint roller, or one just miraculously appeared in your hand with unknown origins.

But like any skill, practice makes perfect. You can check out our quick tutorial guide on the process of hand rolling and do a few practice rolls yourself. Once you get the hang of the process, you'll be the hero of any group sesh.

Not all rolling papers are created equal. They come in different sizes based on length and width, based on how much herb you'd prefer to smoke in one go. 

Papers can also be made out of different materials.

Wood Pulp - The classic. These days, wood pulp papers are considered old school. They're easy to roll and stay lit reliably, but they also burn quickly, they aren't that environmentally friendly, and they can have a harsh taste.

Rice - Rice papers are a favorite among stoner pros. They burn slowly, they're almost tasteless-- and they're very thin. Almost translucent. This also makes them harder to roll and keep lit. But once you get the hang of it, the rewards of rice papers are plentiful and well worth it.

Hemp - Hemp rolling papers are quickly overtaking wood pulp as the most popular material. Sourced from industrial hemp fibers, they are a nice middle ground compared to wood pulp and rice. 

All rolling papers have a strip of adhesive gum to allow the two ends to adhere together. If you've ever seen someone licking a joint, that's what they're trying to activate-- like licking an envelope. 

The gum itself is usually made from the sap of Acacia trees. In order to obtain the sugary sap of the Acacia, producers make incisions in the bark of the tree and extract the sap. Acacia trees are native to semi-desert regions of Africa where the sap is harnessed.


Learn everything else you could want to know about rolling papers from our Knowledge Base article!

Once you've got your leaf of choice, there are a few other things you'll need to make your perfect roll.

Rolling trays - For the same reason you need a placemat when you eat a bowl of Captain Crunch Oops! All Berries, you need a rolling tray. Not only does this help keep your herb tidy-- it also has raised edges to make the actual process of rolling easier.

Tips - Rolling tips act as filters to keep unwanted particles out of your mouth. They also structurally hold the end of the joint together so you can actually inhale it in the first place. They're a crucial part of the perfect joint.

Rolling Machine - Whether you're a newbie who needs a little help or a pro who just wants to avoid a headache, rolling machines can help make the process easy and streamlined. Many rolling machines also come in kits that can be your one-stop sesh shop. 

Whether you’re looking for one and a quarters, double wides, king size papers, or even cut-your-own size rolls, we’ve got your stash covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you roll a joint with paper?

Rolling joints with regular paper is not generally advised, especially if it has any ink on it, which you should not inhale. Pick up a pack of papers, which are made from natural materials, for the safest way to smoke. Once you have your paper, fold a crease in it longways to act as a holder for your herbs. Then pinch both sides of the paper together to enclose your herbs, forming a cylindrical shape. Continue rolling the paper back and forth to solidify the shape, then lick one side of the paper and smooth it down to enclose your joint.



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