Best 10 Nectar Collectors of 2024

By Sean Geng in 2024

Nectar collectors have exploded in popularity since their innovation only 10 years ago!

Concentrate straws allow for greater control over the amount of concentrate you vaporize, because you can dip the hot tip of your nectar collector right into your concentrate dish as you pull. 

Rather than rushing to finish off a rapidly vaporizing dab that you've irreversibly placed onto a hot nail, you can remove the heat from your concentrate as soon as you're ready. 

When considering which nectar collector setup is right for you, look out for:

  • Quality: Nectar collectors tend to be intricate, composed of three or more pieces that need to fit together just right. Always buy from a reputable company, or you run the risk of a small manufacturing defect rendering your entire piece useless. 
  • Durability: The more portable something is, the more drop-able it can be. There's also very little room between the glowing hot nail, and the glass body of the piece. Choose thick glass or quartz to minimize the risk of breakage.
  • Design: Does the piece boast frosted joints or keck clips to ensure your nectar collector will hold together when it's meant to? Can you add water to the piece to cool your hits, if that's something you desire? 

Whatever your preferences, rest assured there is a nectar collector out there to fit your needs. Check out our favorites below to help you get started!

2024 Top 10 Nectar Collectors

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