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Top 10 Wax, Oil & Dab Storage Options of 2020

By Sean Geng in 2020

Smart storage is crucial for protecting the quality of your concentrates.

Whether you're refilling a wax pen, dipping a nectar collector, or getting ready to take a rip from your favorite rig, your journey begins with breaking out your dab slick or jar to get your concentrates ready. 

Things to consider when choosing a container for your concentrates:

  • Material:  A glass jar is great if you're using a nectar collector that can heat those corners to make use of every bit of your material. For a non-stick option, silicone is great.
  • Size & Style: Whether you need something small and discreet, large enough to store a stockpile, or compartmentalized to keep your strains separated, we've got you covered. We even have some glow in the dark options!

There's a stash pot for every occasion. We've made things easy for you and listed our top ten choices below.

2020 Top 10 Wax, Oil & Dab Storage Options

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