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green bongs

Our Favorite Green Bongs for Saint Pattys Day

St. Patrick's Day is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some festive smoking gear? Green may be the unofficial color of both stoners and St. Patrick's Day,...

By Nicholas Entzel

7 Minute Read

best bongs

The Best Bongs in 2024

If you, like us, love smoking with a bong, that's awesome! As you might already know, bongs provide a filtration system that delivers smooth, cooled hits, and you can take...

By Nicholas Entzel

10 Minute Read


Introducing TIVA: The AI-Powered Water Pipe

Happy April Fools Day! Tiva the AI-powered bong does not exist--at least, not yet. Didn't we learn anything from all those sci-fi machine uprising movies? Take 15% off your order today,...

By Social Media

0 Minute Read

The Vape Mail Ban (What You Need to Know)

Vapes: misunderstood little robots that love to get themselves in big trouble.   On December 27, 2020, Congress passed a COVID Relief Bill you probably remember for being the one that gave out $600 stimulus...

By Dr. Dan Kush

8 Minute Read

What Can You Do With Resin?

So you want to get high, but you have no weed and no money to get some?  This classic problem in stoner history has been solved with a number of...

By Smoke Cartel

3 Minute Read


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By Carlyn Atkinson

12 Minute Read

Introducing Kush-Gro: The New Infusion Fertilizer

Happy April Fools' Day! If only infusing your food was that easy: maybe one day scientists will figure it out. Take 15% off your order today, April 1st, with code KUSHGRO. Code expires...

By Angelica Sorauf

0 Minute Read

Enter to win a Water-Free Dab Rig from Genius!

Click here to enter to win a Water-Free Dab Rig from the innovators at Genius Pipe! Contest ends December 31st, 2019.

By Angelica Sorauf

0 Minute Read


How Does Your Endocannabinoid System Work?

Some of us smoke cannabis to relieve depression and anxiety. Some of us smoke for chronic pain relief. And some of us smoke just because we want to watch YouTube...

By Smoke Cartel

6 Minute Read