Hookahs: the original water pipe. If you've never heard of a hookah, it's basically a big saxophone you can smoke out of. It contains a basin in which you can put charcoal and tobacco, which is then filtered through water and inhaled through a hose. 

The main advantage of a hookah is that it allows for a controlled slow burn continuously for long periods of time. This is why they are preferable and fun devices for social smoking, but solo hookah sessions can be just as rewarding. 

Hookahs can be used with flavored tobacco called "shisha." Shisha is a molasses-tobacco concoction that is optimal for hookah smoking. Shisha is available in many different flavors and the result is sweet and potent smoke/vapor filtered through water. 

Check out our collection of hookahs to take your sesh from "Wow" to "WOW!!!"



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