Green Flash Glass "Growler" with Honeycomb Disc and Suspended Splash Guard - Review

As I sat down to try out the "Growler" from Green Flash Glass I noticed it was unlike many water pipes I had seen before, being used to a standard down stem and ice pinch pipe. Slightly intimidated though still eager to see how this piece would work, I tested the water line, packed the detachable 18mm bowl (which fits very snugly in its stem), and used some smaller cubes to fill the double ice pinch. Now that I was ready to go I found some friends and a couch and the tests began! For science! 
When pulling from the "Growler", the honeycomb perc creates a fantastic flurry of bubbles that are held at bay by the suspended splashguard. Once the large chamber fills to your needs and the bowl removed, you will see (or rather hear) exactly where this piece gets its name. The ever-so-satisfying growl of the glass is reminiscent of a gratified grizzly. Each rip is smooth as ice, and speaking of ice; it makes a world of difference while using this piece. 
After a few days of use and contemplation of the "Growler" from Green Flash Glass has proven itself as a centerpiece for any glass collection geared towards dry herb use.
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