Sesh Supply "Scylla" Propeller Perc Mini Beaker with Colored Accents - Review

The Scylla - just the name alone is cool. Scylla is the name of a crazy sea monster from Greek mythology. And that’s exactly what this piece is: small in size, but packs a monstrous hit! The Scylla form Sesh Supply is just that, a tiny sea monster!

I prefer my glass on the smaller scale, so the small beaker base shape of the Scylla was just perfect for me. But what really caught my attention was the propeller perc! I had never used one before so I was very excited to try it out. I also loved the color accents; I ended up with Agua Azul: a beautiful teal color, perfect for any sea monster/goddess. I sat down with a few of my friends and started testing out my mini monster.

The pull on the Scylla was great and it hit very smoothly! As the smoke traveled through the piece, the propeller perc sent the smoke and the water spinning. It was just the right amount of percolation and didn’t remove any flavor of the flower. My favorite part of the entire experience was the noise that the propeller made as you take a hit. It was small rumbling sound, like a tiny sea monster’s roar. What can I say; I’m still a kid a heart with a love for funny noises. 

My only concern was the bowl that it came with. After our smoke sesh (haha Sesh Supply) I noticed that there were bits of flower floating around in the water. So be sure to just use a bowl that you already own instead of the one it comes with or you will lose some of your flower to the belly of the Scylla!

Overall, I recommend this mini monster to any lover of crazy percs who wants something on a smaller scale. The Scylla is definitely one of my favorites!

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