Honey Supply Double Stacked Inset Showerhead with Slim Neck - Review

I generally prefer larger pieces that feature a wider neck.  They have what I like to call “Room Presence” aka, there’s no way anyone is accidentally knocking this over by casually gesturing.  So as I approached the Honey Supply Double Stacked Inset Showerhead with Slim Neck, I didn’t know what to expect.  However, this piece was surprisingly enjoyable.

The design of the piece is sturdy.  A thick black base supports the transparent main section with a thin neck on top.  The percs are well constructed and evenly placed, providing great functionality.  The bulk of the water pipe has the diameter of a can, which makes for a comfortable and familiar grip.  You can easily pass it around one handed without supporting it like an expensive glass baby.  I especially appreciate the coloring.  The black top and bottom perfectly frame the Honey Supply logo on the main body, really making it stand out and giving it that classic look.  A smaller logo appears on the neck on the opposite side.  There isn’t any way people are going to miss it, which is typical of Honey Supply’s branding.

As I hit the piece I was surprised at how fast it pulled.  This is due to the constricting of airflow through the smaller neck.  Even a gentle pull fills the chamber with smoke.  When clearing, you can really feel the effective diffusion of the dual showerhead.  It’s incredibly easy to get large pulls of this piece, and now it’s my go-to guy when I’m just smoking by myself.   

Overall, this piece is a pretty awesome addition to any collection.  If you’re looking for something that’s well-designed piece that is compact but still provides great smoke-ability, this one is it.
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