Purr 2 Go Travel Bubbler - Review

The name says it all. This piece is one of the best on the go pieces I’ve ever encountered. I was really excited when I found out I was going to be able to test the Purr travel bubbler because of how different it is in comparison to a lot of the other bubblers out on the market! From just 1 night of use I can honestly say, I wish I had this a year ago. Having started college a year ago I realized this would’ve been the PERFECT piece for college students just starting out. It’s a small, safe, and easy to use piece good for everyone from veteran smokers to beginners.

Using the flower bowl that came with it was really nice! It had great flavor which was really surprising. The pipe itself is made out of plastic, automatically that would scream bad news to me… it was the complete opposite. It tasted great! It also shifts the ash down the the very bottom of the bubbler so it doesn’t clog or get anything else in the bubbler dirty. this feature was especially nice in comparison to some other bubblers out there!

I do have to say that using it with concentrates was not as good of an experience than using it with dry herbs. Of course, this being a new piece that wasn’t seasoned, using concentrates on it wasn’t that great. The hit was still nice but not as nice as some other rigs out there.

Overall I think that this piece is a must have for any smoker’s collection! Whether you’re going out on the town for a nice drive or chilling at home, this is a great piece to use. One of the greatest features of this piece is that you can empty the water SEPARATE FROM THE BOWL! One of the biggest complaints I have about every handheld bubbler is the inability to empty the bowl without having the water pour through the bowl. This bubbler takes care of that. Like I said at the beginning, the name says it all.
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