Reintroducing Custom Glass Engraving

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Due to popular demand, we have restructured and are restarting our custom glass sandblasting services.  We love helping customers achieve a personal and customized piece - each and every order from us should be meaningful.  On numerous eligible products (water pipes, hand pipes, other glass pieces), we are now offering both text engraving as well as image engraving services on your future piece.

Custom Sandblasting - Attaching Vinyl Stencil
The process begins with a vinyl stencil of your chosen phrase or design.
Custom Sandblasting - The Sandblasting Process
From there, we wrap the remainder of the piece and blast the stencil with sand inside a machine built specifically for sandblasting.
Custom Sandblasting - The Sandblasting Process
An up-close and personal look at the details of the etching process.
Custom Sandblasting - The Finished Product
Finally, the piece is unwrapped, washed, and your phrase or image is revealed and permanently etched into the glass!

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