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Smoke Cartel is proud to be one of the only headshops to offer personalizations on a number of products we carry. Using specialized machinery, we can safety etch your glass piece - from bongs to dab rigs to hand pipes; with a personalized message or image of your choosing.

We engrave through a method called "sandblasting" that permanently etches the surface of your glass. We start by cutting a negative of your design. Then we prep the glass and run it through our in house sandblaster. This etches the design into your glass and creates a frosty effect that is unique and permanent.

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Text Engraving

$ 24 - $ 34

  • Engrave a short sentence or name
  • Request your own font
  • Perfect for gifts and personalization

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Image Engraving

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  • Engrave a vector image or logo
  • Great for organizations, teams, etc
  • Work directly with an engraving specialist
  • Priced according to complexity

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Engrave a Glass Piece

Let's get started with your engraving. Follow the steps and you'll soon be the proud owner of a custom glass pipe.

Step 1 - Select a Product

Step 2 - Custom Text

What would you like to sandblast?

Step 3 - Placement

Show us where you want to engrave on your product.

Using your mouse, drag to create a rectangle selection

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Tell us where you want the text engraved.

Step 4 - Done

Note that custom engravings may delay your order 1-3 days as we need time to complete the sandblasting process.

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The Process

Sandblasting is done by applying a stencil to the glass, and then using a sandblasting machine to shoot out pressurized sand to etch, or buff the glass. Once the stencil is removed and the piece is washed, your image remains on the glass!

We've purchased top of the line equipment like a vinyl cutter and sandblasting setup to offer you this opportunity, so don't miss out on a chance to own a unique personalized piece.

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We can also engrave various hand pipes...

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