Top 4/20 Deals on CBD

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It’s April once again, and we all know what that means - it’s time to celebrate!

But the year was tough, and what most of us need at this point is simply less pain and stress and more peace. 

Although CBD won’t make you high, it may help you to combat inflammation-based pain, anxiety, insomnia, frustration and stress. Some strains also promise to boost your creativity, energy and focus - so you can start celebrating 4/20 while you’re still at work. 

When we talk about CBD, we're talking about flower, tinctures, oil, edibles, or shampoo, body lotion, creams, salves, preworkout, and much more. 

CBD also makes a fantastic 420 present. Whether you want to get someone a bath set, a cooling balm, a potent tincture or a smokable flower, we’re sure it’ll turn even the most severe frown into a smile. 

Stock up on CBD products for yourself, surprise a friend, or teach an enemy about peace - 4/20 is the most appropriate and cheapest time to do it.

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Top 4/20 Deals

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Top 4/20 Deals

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