Best 10 Vaporizers of 2023

By Angelica Sorauf in 2023

Looking for the latest and greatest vape? 

Vaporizers are one of the latest innovations in the smoking industry. There has been an explosion of technology in the vaporizer industry, from new heating methods and chambers, better batteries, and various different styles and features.

Customers shopping for vapes told us they considered these factors when they're scouting the perfect product:

  • Price: Vaporizers are designed for every budget, but we don't recommend skimping on a cheaper model if you're serious about using one. It could make all the difference in experience.

  • Consumption Intent: Usually, a vaporizer is designed for use with just one type of material because the combustion point (and chemical activation point) differs depending on dry herb, wax, and e-juice. So make sure you choose a vape that's suitable for the material you're using. Some vaporizers are hybrids and can be used for multiple different types of materials.

  • Lifecycle: Many of our vaporizers are protected by the manufacturer's warrantybut most common issues can be resolved by simple upkeep.

Shopping for a vaporizer is an important decision, so we reviewed, tested, and curated our list of the very best 10 vapes of the year.


2023 Top 10 Vaporizers

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