Puff Cards Greeting Card with Smell-Resistant Tube

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Let's be honest here for a second about cards. Unless they have money in them, nobody REALLY cares. Not only are they bulky, but you can't even throw them out, because then you just feel like a piece of shit. 

There's only one thing that would make a card better. But before now, if you tried to put that in a greeting card, you'd be an absolute lunatic-- and it is almost certainly considered a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

But if you're talking about the other thing that would make a greeting card better, c******s, then this is the perfect card to do it.

Puff Cards is a female majority-equity company devised to safely and securely store cannabis in greeting cards around a unique die-cut capable of housing a discreet smell-resistant tube.

But how much does it cost? A lot. Just kidding. $8. 

It is illegal to send cannabis in the mail.

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