Smoke Cartel Mystery Dab Rig

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About this Product

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Smoke Cartel Mystery Dab Rig

Add an element of surprise to your collection with the Smoke Cartel Mystery Dab Rig. For just $15, receive a high-quality dab rig valued at $34.99, making this an exciting and budget-friendly addition to your smoking setup.

Key Features:

  •  Mystery Design: Enjoy the thrill of receiving a surprise dab rig, with unique designs and styles that add variety to your collection.
  •  High-Quality Glass: Made from durable, high-quality glass to ensure longevity and excellent performance.
  •  Affordable Price: At only $15, this mystery deal offers exceptional value, with each rig typically valued at 34.99.
  •  Functional and Stylish: Each mystery dab rig is chosen for its functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a satisfying and stylish dabbing experience.
  •  Variety: The mystery element means you could receive anything from classic designs to unique, limited-edition pieces, enhancing the excitement of your purchase.

Additional Information:

  •  Perfect for Beginners and Collectors: Ideal for those new to dabbing or seasoned collectors looking to expand their collection with unique pieces.
  •  Great Gift Idea: Makes an excellent gift for friends and fellow enthusiasts who enjoy surprises and discovering new gear.
  •  Guaranteed Value: Each mystery rig is guaranteed to provide a high-quality dabbing experience, offering great value for the price.

Experience the joy of unboxing with the Smoke Cartel Mystery Dab Rig. For just $15, you get a piece worth $34.99, ensuring you receive a quality addition to your dabbing arsenal while enjoying the thrill of the unknown.

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  • Dab Rig
  • Durable and Built to Last
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Great Value!
  • Made for Concentrate Use
  • Makes a Great Gift!
  • Mystery Collection