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HØJ The Essentials Mini Bundle

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About this Product


Grind and smoke your favorite flower strains using the HØJ ‘The Essentials’ Mini Bundle and experience the HOJ difference! 

This bundle includes the revolutionary 4.4-inch long  HOJ KOL Mini Hand Pipe that’s made of anodized recyclable aluminum. With its ergonomic design and magnetic assembly, the KOL Mini offers you a quick and convenient way to enjoy your favorite flower strains.  

Inspired by the scales of the Mako shark, the KOL Mini’s shape forces incoming air into a cooling vortex that traps herbal impurities, filtering the smoke for a cleaner experience every time. You can access the inside of the pipe by simply snapping it open for some real magnetic magic! 

The KOL Mini 2.0 uses a micro-channel design to strip heat away from your herbs without needing any water at all. This means you’ll enjoy a smoother smoking experience with less coughing for an overall better experience every time you light up. Included with the pipe are 3 titanium-coated stainless steel bowl screens. 

The bundle also includes a HOJ KLIP which is a herb grinder like no other. The KLIP doesn’t smash and crush your herb, instead its custom-built dual blades finely slice through it, creating a much fluffier consistency for a better, more even burn. The slicing of the herbs also protects the integrity of the crystals so your smoke sessions pack more punch for more smoking satisfaction.

Unlike a conventional herb grinder that can catch, clog, and break, the KLIP literally spins due to its opposing magnets that suspend the central pin in mid air. 

The KLIP measures just 2.2”H x 2.6”W, making it super portable. It comes with three different control discs and a collection mesh, all of which snap easily into place. This means you have what you need for filling cones with fine herb, packing bong bowls with coarsely cut herb, and everything in between. The KLIP allows you to enjoy your flower in your way with just a snap! 

The KLIP opens magnetically with a twist of just 10 degrees, making it super easy for even those with limited dexterity.

Finally, to round out this bundle, you also get a HOJ Funnel for loading your herb without any spilling. The Funnel is specially designed to fit perfectly onto the bottom of the KLIP grinder, plus it’s shaped to fit the HOJ KOL Mini pipe for easy bowl packing.

The HØJ ‘The Essentials’ Mini Bundle allows you to mill, fill, and chill with ease!  

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2.2”H x 2.6”W

Grinder Size

4.4 Inches

Pipe Length

Anodized Recyclable Aluminum


  • Bundle
  • Convenient and Discreet
  • Durable and Portable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fits in Backpack or Bag
  • Grinder Features Custom Built Dual Blades
  • Includes KOL Mini Handpipe/KLIP Grinder/Hoj Funnel
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Mill Fill and Chill With Ease!