Dab Banger Types: A Comprehensive Guide

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You can't dab concentrates in a dab rig without a dab banger. Bangers are like the bowls of a bong, where you load your material for its vaporization.

Bangers come in all shapes and sizes, with multiple accessories and attachments that can enhance the dabbing experience. In this blog, we'll tell you everything you need to know about bangers and how to choose the best one for you.

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What is a Dab Banger?

A dab banger is an essential component where concentrate is applied and vaporized.

While "banger" and "nail" are often used interchangeably, they have subtle differences. Dab bangers are broader and more bowl-like, offering a larger surface area for heating and dabbing. They also come in multiple shapes and sizes, unlike nails, which are typically slimmer, smaller, and shaped like a traditional nail.

Types of Banger Materials

Dab bangers are usually available in three different materials: quartz, titanium, and ceramic.

Quartz bangers have emerged as the undisputed favorite among many concentrate aficionados, and it's easy to see why. The purity of quartz makes it completely inert, preserving the taste of your concentrates very well.

Advantages of quartz bangers: 

  • Exceptional flavor preservation
  • Good for lower temperature hits
  • High heat resistance
  • Swift heat-up times
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages of quartz bangers: 

  • Susceptible to cracking if exposed to rapid temperature changes
  • Slightly pricier compared to other materials

Titanium dab bangers are perfect for rough handling since they will never break. This makes titanium nails and bangers perfect as backups and a must in every dabber's collection.

Advantages of titanium bangers: 

  • Exceptional durability
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Great longevity

Disadvantages of titanium bangers: 

  • Slight flavor interference
  • Slower heating

Finally, ceramic nails and bangers are the least popular and somewhat harder to find than their titanium and quartz counterparts.

Advantages of ceramic bangers:

  • Consistently pure flavor
  • Slow cooling
  • Custom intricate designs

Disadvantages of ceramic bangers:

  • Fragile and prone to chipping
  • May get damaged with heat after a while

Considering their stellar performance, flavor, and popularity, we'll focus primarily on quartz bangers in this blog post.

Types of Quartz Dab Bangers

Here are some of the most common types of quartz bangers:

Banger Bucket

bucket dab banger

The bucket banger is the most standard banger type, but there are several variations:

  • Flat-top banger: A flat-top design provides a flat, even surface for heating and dabbing. Some flat-top bangers come with an insert, a separate quartz piece that can be preloaded with concentrate, allowing for efficient, mess-free dabbing.
  • Slanted banger: Slanted bangers have a slightly angled cut neck, which can help prevent concentrate from running down the sides and enhance vaporization.
  • Beveled edge banger: Featuring a beveled or rounded edge, these bangers make it easier to guide your dab onto the heated surface, reducing waste.
  • Round bottom banger: Round bottom bangers have a curved bottom, which helps distribute heat evenly for thorough vaporization.

Opaque Bottom Banger

opaque bottom dab banger

Opaque bottom bangers are designed with a non-transparent or frosted quartz bottom. This style is excellent for heat retention and a great option if you enjoy a slower, more controlled dabbing experience.

Terp Slurper Banger

terp slurper dab banger

Terp slurper bangers are engineered for maximum flavor extraction. They consist of multiple buckets and air pathways that create a vortex effect, ensuring that no drop of concentrate goes to waste. Terp slurpers are ideal if you love to savor the nuanced flavors of concentrates.

Terp Blender Banger

terp blender dab banger

Terp blender bangers share similarities with terp slurpers but have a more straightforward design. They still enhance flavor but with fewer components and a more user-friendly setup.

Thermal Banger

thermal dab banger

Thermal bangers are designed with double walls or a "sandwiched" layer of quartz. This design helps insulate the heat, maintaining a consistent temperature for a more controlled and efficient dabbing experience.

Cold Start Banger

cold start dab banger

Cold start bangers, or reverse bangers, flip the traditional dabbing process. The concentrate is placed into the bottom of the banger first, and then heat is applied gradually. This method allows for precise control of the vaporization process and is favored by those who seek a low-temperature, high-flavor dab.

Core Reactor Banger

core reactor dab banger

Core reactor bangers are equipped with a quartz core at the bottom of the bucket. This core retains heat exceptionally well, ensuring concentrates are evenly and efficiently vaporized.

Hourglass Banger

hourglass dab banger

Hourglass bangers have a distinctive shape with a narrow waist in the middle of the bucket. This design creates a bottleneck effect, allowing for efficient vaporization and optimal flavor retention.

Banger Angles

There are two types of dab nails regarding angles: 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Although the right one will most likely depend on your setup, each has its pros and cons:

45-Degree Bangers

45 degree dab banger

Bangers with a 45-degree angle have a lower profile, so they sit closer to the water pipe, providing a sleek and compact appearance. The lower profile allows for better heat retention, making them ideal for low-temperature dabs, also known as "terpene preservation" dabs.

This ensures you can savor the full flavor of your concentrate.

90-Degree Bangers

90 degree dab banger

Bangers with a 90-degree angle have a higher profile, extending upward from the joint of your dab rig. This gives them a more prominent and imposing appearance.

The elevated angle provides better visibility and access to the banger, making adding concentrates and maneuvering your dab tool easier. The increased chamber volume allows for higher-temperature dabs, which enthusiasts like for their vapor production.

Banger Gender

Like the angle, the right gender of your banger will depend on the rig you're planning on using it with. There are two kinds:

  • Male Bangers: Male bangers have a protruding, rod-like design that fits into the female joint of your dab rig. They're less prone to heat stress and cracking because the heat is concentrated on the female joint of the rig.
  • Female Bangers: Female bangers have a recessed design with an opening that fits over the male joint of your dab rig. The recessed design of female bangers can make them slightly easier to clean since concentrate and residue are less likely to come in direct contact with the joint.

Keep their properties in mind when looking for your next dab rig!

Size and Thickness

Aside from angles and gender, the size and thickness of your quartz dab banger are crucial factors to consider.

The banger size refers to the diameter of the bucket. Larger bangers can accommodate more significant dabs, while smaller ones are ideal for smaller doses. Larger bangers can also retain heat for longer, making them better for large and low-temp dabs.

Thicker quartz bangers also tend to retain heat more efficiently and are less likely to crack under high temperatures, while thinner bangers heat up faster but may require more careful handling. Most high-quality glass bangers will tend to have thicker side walls and a thick bottom that will likely survive longer.

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