The Best Reclaim Catchers for Taking Back Dabs

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Dabbing has never been more popular than today, opening the doors to many dabbing accessories like the reclaim catcher.

Reclaim catchers, also known as reclaimers, are quickly becoming a popular dabbing accessory for beginners and seasoned users alike. Let's see what precisely a dab reclaim catcher is and why it has become an indispensable tool for regular dabbers.

What is a Dab Reclaim Catcher?

Dab reclaim catchers are a specialized accessory designed to enhance the dabbing experience by efficiently capturing excess concentrate, commonly referred to as "reclaim." This valuable but often overlooked byproduct forms during the dabbing process as vaporized concentrate condenses within the dab rig.

This accessory fits between the banger or enail and the dab rig or bubbler. As the vapor passes through the nail and into the dab reclaim catcher, any unvaporized material condenses and collects inside the catcher, allowing you to reclaim it to reuse later. After use, you can remove the catcher and extract the collected material.

Dab reclaimers double as ash catchers, helping you keep your dab rig clean and avoid a clog.

The 10 Best Reclaim Catchers for 2023

Here are the best reclaim catchers for your dab rig, all available for sale on Smoke Cartel!

Pulsar 90 Degree 14.5mm Oil Reclaimer

Available in both 90-degree and 45-degree joint angle versions, this simple Pulsar reclaimer is designed to fit 14.5mm female joints. It comes with a removable silicone container with a matching lid to store your concentrate.

NoGoo Goo-Catcher Silicone Reclaimer'

The NoGoo Goo-Catcher has a male joint that can fit 14.5 and 18.5mm female joint sizes and is completely made of durable silicone, making it a resilient choice. It's easy to clean and maintain, and its silicone construction ensures it lasts longer than any fragile glass or quartz bangers.

Reclaimer Dab Straw

While not a traditional reclaimer, this dab straw has a built-in reclaim catcher, giving you the convenience of a dab straw while saving excess concentrate to vape later. Made out of borosilicate glass, this 7.5-inch nectar collector comes with a removable silicone reclaimer dish that doubles as a base.

Glasshouse Quartz Reclaim Kit with 2x Silicone Dish

The Glasshouse Quartz Reclaim Kit comes with two silicone dishes, giving you ample storage for your collected reclaim. Its quartz construction gives it durability and a clean taste. This male reclaim catcher is perfect if you're looking for a simple 90-degree angle option with double the capability.

Pulsar 14.5mm Concentrate Reclaimer Kit

This complex-looking Pulsar kit is designed to fit 14.5mm joints and includes a glass reclaim catcher with a 90-degree elbow (it also comes in a 45-degree version), a dropdown adapter, and a clip connector, giving you everything you need to reclaim concentrates with the purity of glass.

DankStop Reclaimer w/ Silicone Jar

The DankStop Reclaimer comes with a convenient silicone jar for storing your collected reclaim. The silicone jar is non-stick and heat-resistant, ensuring you can effortlessly retrieve your concentrates for later use.

LavaTech Male to Male Dropdown Reclaim Catcher

The LavaTech Male to Male Dropdown Reclaim Catcher is a versatile accessory that comes in enough variations to fit most dab rigs. It comes with a male-to-male joint, making it compatible with a wide range of rigs and bongs, as well as keck clips to provide stability.

High Five ClaimSaver Curved Glass Adapter

The High Five ClaimSaver is a curved glass adapter that functions as a reclaim catcher. This reclaimer is designed with a unique curved glass adapter that not only collects reclaim but also prevents it from interfering with the airflow in your rig and makes the concentrate easy to recollect after your dabbing session.

DankStop Reclaim Catcher

DankStop offers a reliable and cost-effective reclaim catcher that efficiently captures excess concentrate. This simple yet effective accessory is perfect for those who want to keep their water pipes clean and reclaim their valuable concentrate. It is compatible with most rigs and is easy to attach and clean.

MJ Arsenal Reclaim Catcher

The MJ Arsenal Reclaim Catcher is designed for small rigs. Made for 10mm female joints, it comes with an adapter to use with larger joint sizes. The clever slanted design makes it easy to reclaim your concentrates with a simple and sturdy glass piece.

More Dab Accessories for Sale Online

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