How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Dry herb vaporizers come in many shapes, sizes, and various internal options. However, one thing almost all of them have in common is how to use it. Below, we will explore step-by-step the process of how to properly load and use a dry herb vaporizer.

Prepping the Herb

An essential step in vaporizing dry herb is properly prepping the herb. Wet leaves, or ones that are too dry and crumbly, won’t vaporize very well in the device and can lead to one let-down of a session. Once you have chosen the perfect herb, you will need to sufficiently shred it using a grinder. Grinding the herb ensures that the most surface area possible will be available for vaporization, leading to the full use of the product and little waste in the end. Most grinders will be multi-chambered and collect the ground herb in a second chamber as the herb falls through uniform holes from the top. The holes make sure only properly sized herb goes through to the second chamber. This helps the herb pieces vaporize evenly and efficiently. Once you’ve collected your ground up herb, you are ready to prep your device and load it.

Prepping the Vaporizer

Before loading your fresh herb into your portable vaporizer, make sure that it is clean and ready to go. Damp, but not drenched, cotton swabs work well for cleaning the inside. Cleaning right after a session is the best time to remove any sticky residue. Make sure your device is fully dry and charged before using again.


Remove the cover to the chamber (usually the mouthpiece) and add your herb to the chamber. You will want enough room for proper airflow to take place, but try to fill the whole chamber. Convection styled vaporizers, like the H2FLO, will work best with a looser pack, and conduction styled vaporizers, like the Herbe, will work best with a tighter pack.


Once your herb is packed, turn on the device to set the temperature. Most vaporizers will include temperature options, or let users preset a specific temperature. Desktop vaporizers usually include more options than pens. Dry herb is best vaporized in the 360-430 degrees F range. If you’ve never vaped dry herb before, start low and slowly increase the temperature to adjust to your preferences. The safest temperature to vape dry herb is around 395 degrees. Anything above 430 degrees is risking combustion—the very thing you’re trying to avoid by using a vaporizer.


When your device has heated up and you’re ready to start vaping, remember to inhale gently from the mouthpiece. Exaggerated breathes aren’t necessary, and may quickly tire you out. Try to breathe as normally as possible. Once you’re done with your session, remove the used herb and clean the inside of the device. Sticky residue is much easier to clean when it’s already warm, than later once it’s had time to cool and harden. The sooner you clean it, the more you’ll thank yourself for doing so later.

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