Why Should You Shop at An Online Headshop?

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With headshops becoming more mainstream across the country and products more available than ever, you may be wondering what the benefit is buying from an online headshop. Not only will you find more unique pieces online, but the price will be much cheaper than at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits from online headshop purchases below.


Since online headshops are able to source their product wholesale, you as the customer will benefit from much lower prices every time. Online headshops also don’t have the overhead of rental space and hourly employees to cover, which further contributes to the affordability of glassware. SmokeCartel also offers free shipping on all products, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra on your finds.


You can shop anywhere, at any time online and have products shipped discretely to your door. Instead of wandering the aisles searching for the perfect piece, you can filter your choices, read reviews, and select your products in a matter of minutes.


Not only do most online headshops offer safe and secure methods for payment, but they do take underage purchases very seriously. SmokeCartel requires a signature from adults 18 years or older at package delivery. This reduces the risk of underage buying and accidental package handling by minors. Purchasing from an online headshop is legal no matter what state you live in, but our products are intended for use with substances only available to adults.


Online headshops like Smoke Cartel, Dankstop, DankGeek, Grasscity, 420 Science, and others are able to offer a larger selection of pieces since they don’t have to store and stock these items like a traditional shop. This gives customers more options and a wider range of high-quality pieces all at affordable rates. You may even find a rare piece sold nowhere else but online. Online headshops can offer pieces from artists around the country, while traditional shops may only carry local artists. Online shops also offer a wider range of accessory pieces, such as nails, rigs, vaporizers and other tools. If you are looking for something specific, you are bound to find it online!


With the wide range of products available online, most customers find amazing pieces they will use forever. However, if your perfect piece doesn’t exist out there, some online headshops offer tools to help you build your very own custom water pipe so you always walk away satisfied. These tools allow users to select a combination of base, perc, and mouthpiece to create a unique piece just for them.

Customer Service

The advantage brick-and-mortar shops have over online shops is the ability to physically hold and investigate pieces. However, SmokeCartel’s excellent customer service group will field all questions you have regarding any piece so you can feel confident about your selection before you buy. SomkeCartel also includes a chat option on every page so you can have your questions answered right away. If a piece arrives broken, it is replaced immediately by contacting customer service. If for whatever reason you decide you don’t like the piece you’ve chosen, you can return unused pieces for store credit with SmokeCartel.

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