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Seasoning a Titanium Nail

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Titanium nails are wonderfully indestructible and a great addition to any dab rig. However, without proper seasoning a user may experience an unpleasant metallic taste with their first dab. This can put anyone off to titanium nails. To avoid a nearly unbearable session, here are a few tips on how to season your new titanium nail.

Two Options for Seasoning Your Nail

Before seasoning your nail, make sure it fits snugly into your rig. All nails, whether titanium or not, need to match the size and correspond to the gender of the rig’s joint. Luckily, many titanium nails come in universal fit to work with most rigs. For seasoning a titanium nail, there are two basic methods that prove to be most efficient.

First Method: Heat, Then Ice

  • Fill a durable bowl with ice water. It’s best if the bowl is made of metal or hard plastic, as it may experience extreme temperature change and be exposed to high levels of heat.
  • Hold the titanium nail in place with a pair of pliers, or anything large that won’t melt and/or transfer the heat to your hands.
  • Use a torch to heat the nail until it’s glowing red. This should take less than a minute.
  • Switch off the torch and slowly lower the nail into the ice water. Swirl it in the water so any chemicals and residue on the nail are washed away.
  • Lift the nail out of the water and shake it off before heating again.
  • Repeat this process at least three times to thoroughly rinse all residue from the surface of the nail.

Pro tip: Keep extra ice nearby to keep the water at an optimal temperature throughout the process.

  • Clean the nail with an isopropyl alcohol solution, rinse, and let fully dry before your first session.

Second Method: Season with Oil

  • Place the nail into your rig and light the nail with a torch until it glows bright red.
  • Turn off the torch and grab your dabbing oil.
  • Use a dabber to coat the nail with the oil. Make sure to coat every surface you will be using for your dabs in the future.
  • Allow the nail to cool and then coat with oil 3-5 more times until thoroughly seasoned.
  • You can either use this nail right away for a session or clean it for a future use.
  • To clean, remove the nail from the rig and place it in an isopropyl alcohol solution for about 10 minutes. Rinse, and then leave it to dry until your next session.

Many users don’t want to waste their dabbing oil to season their nail, but it is worth it for a premium session. No matter which method you decide to use, just make sure your titanium nail is well seasoned before the first use. Titanium nails can be a great asset to any collection, especially if they are universal fit. No matter how often you outgrow your rigs, your nail can be your trusty constant through the change.

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