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How to Choose the Healthiest Rolling Papers

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Not caring about which rolling paper you use was once a bit of a status symbol, like choosing Pabst Blue Ribbon means that you're an "of the people" hipster, and choosing the local craft beer means that you're an adult who doesn't want to drink crappy beer.

Rolling papers have come quite a long way, you can now even purchase ones that are made with 24k gold (because silver just isn’t “boujee” enough, right?) But now that we know that lots of common bodega-bought rolling papers are laden with chemicals and bleaches that, as the cigarette burns, combust and enter the lungs as smoke. Why do some papers burn slower than others? Sometimes it's because companies add chlorine and calcium carbonate to the paper. If you’re going  through all the trouble of finding herb that is organic, beautifully grown, and cured, then it just makes sense to smoke it in papers that cause the least amount of harm to your lungs.

On top of all that, natural papers don't tend to affect the taste of the herb quite like those made with overly-processed paper. If you are worried about respiratory problems now, or further down the road, stick to papers made with natural, un-dyed materials, and gums such as these RAW King Size Slims Rolling Papers or these Rolling Papers By Elements.

Now let’s roll on to why these brands should be part of your go to smoking supply (see what I did there?)

  1. Elements

Elements uses ultra thin rice paper for their papers, creating a nearly ashless burn. The thoughtfully-designed packaging features a small magnet to help keep it shut and holds 50-100 leaves per pack depending on the format (king size, double wide, 1 & 1/4" and 12"). The Elements Connoisseur pack comes with slim tips to help you achieve a near-perfect roll every time.

  1. Smoke Cartel's Own Hemp Papers

These rolling papers from Smoke Cartel are made from natural hemp gum, wrapped in a paper package. These are some of the thinnest hemp papers on the market and we've shocked and amazed smokers with its perfect burn time, smooth flavor, and resilient paper.

  1. RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

RAW Organic is made from organically grown, chlorine-free hemp. Their claim their process is an eco-friendly one, but we haven't found specific information about those methods. From a consumer's angle, the resulting papers are thin, tan, and attractive in the same way that the raw sugar packets at Starbucks look just a little more appealing than the rest. RAW proves that natural materials can be super strong too; these papers are run-resistant. Awesome.

  1. Skunk Brand

It's not the most famous, but Skunk Brand was one of the first to bring hemp papers to market, back in 1994. Look for "Stinky" the skunk the next time you shop for papers and try them for yourself. The slow burn of these Spanish-made pure hemp papers is enough to convert anyone.

Whatever your choice of papers, whether it be some Flavoured Juicy Jays Super Fine, or these Trip2 Clear Cellulose Papers if you’re looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing, just roll with it.

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