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What to Consider When Buying Your First Bong

Posted by Sean Geng on

Buying your first bong can be a confusing experience, especially for those who aren’t all that well versed at smoking. The sheer number of different sizes, styles and materials can make trying to find the right bong a long, drawn-out process even for those who are always the first to pull out the pipe at any get together.The good news is that virtually any bong you buy will get the job done and provide the end result you desire. However, smoking out of a bong is about much more than just the end result. The experience is what drives most people to want to own a bong, and there is no doubt that different types provide different experiences. This is exactly why you'll want to make sure that you consider all of the following factors when buying your first bong, as they should help to ensure you end up with something that fits your needs, provides the experience you desire, and is as unique as you are.

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 The vast majority of bongs tend to be made out of either plastic or glass, although you can also find a small number of ceramic and metal pieces. Most serious smokers tend to prefer glass, as it's easier to keep clean and looks more stylish than plastic. However, glass bongs also tend to be much more fragile unless you're willing to pay the higher prices for scientific glass. For this reason, glass bongs are much better off being left at home in their own dedicated space. If you're on the go and are looking for something that you can pack without the worry of any accidents a plastic or metal bong is almost always the best bet! Not only are these less likely to break, but they also tend to be cheaper so you won't have to worry as much should something happen.


 The size of the bong is also something you'll want to think closely about. Again, a smaller plastic bong will be much more transportable than a four-foot glass monster. Similarly, a smaller piece is also far more practical if you live in a situation where you'll need to hide the bong away all the time. Alternatively, if you want to show off your awesome taste in glass, there's nothing wrong with getting a beautiful heady showcase piece. Of course, size isn't only important for practical reasons—it also affects the smoking experience. A bigger bong has a much larger chamber, which means you can take in much more smoke at one time. However, bongs with larger chambers also tend to produce slightly cooler smoke due to the larger volume of water and greater distance from the bowl to your mouth.

 Other Factors to Consider

 When deciding to purchase your first bong, you'll want to pay close attention to your own situation and personality. Although that beautiful three- or four-piece glass bong may look great, it can quickly become almost unusable if you're not willing to spend the extra time it takes to keep all those parts clean. Similarly, we all have that clumsy friend, and if that friend just so happens to be you , then you'd probably be much better off purchasing a more durable plastic or metal bong. Price is also a hugely important factor, and you can easily find bongs that cost less than $20 and others that cost over $200.

 When buying your first bong, it is usually best to start off with something a bit smaller and cheaper. The fact is that your smoking preferences are likely to change over time, and you will definitely  want to fill out your collection with different pieces eventually. That being said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with going all out on a big glass bong as long as you consider all of the factors and are confident that it’s the right piece for you, then you’re guaranteed a match made in heaven

Still need help making that all important first decision? Check out our "Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe or this Single or Double Tree Perc Classic Straight by UPC, which are sure to get you smoking!

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